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For modern life to function, finance requires disclosure and prompt mitigation, fruitful employment requires rational management and equality, and the risk of injury requires attention to a duty of care. I understand your financial well being, your career, and health are at risk when greed delays needed debt mitigation, wrath leads to unlawful retaliation, and negligence creates unacceptably dangerous situations.






  • Real Estate
  • Predatory Lending & Loan Servicing
  • Foreclosure (post foreclosure mediation)
  • Collections
  • Credit Discrimination

Representation in State or Federal Court in cases involving real estate transactions, lending, and debt collection. Whether your foreclosure mediator has certified your mediation referral, or someone is attempting to collect sums you do not owe, I can assist you determine possible next steps or and escalation.

SMALL Business Law

  • Breach of Contract
  • Sub Contract
  • Interference with a business prospect.
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Compliance Reviews

Owning a small business is complex. No small business needs the overhead of exhorbitant legal fees only to be left with as much ambiguity as before. I recognize the importance a small business has to its owner, and its owner’s family. I want the payment of my fees to have the effect of an investment. I work to reduce cost and risk of cost over time. What a small business spends on legal advice may yield lasting savings and stability, the value of which, however measured, likely exceeds its expense.


Above all, my practice focuses on assisting clients find prompt and inexpensive resolutions. An early agreed resolution avoids the looming uncertainty of drawn out litigation. The parties can keep control over the outcome through good faith negotiation.


I represent employees and small businesses in their employment issues.

  • Employees
  • Discrimination
  • Retaliatory Termination
  • Wage Claims
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Assistance with complaints to EEOC, SoCR, etc.,


Work is hard enough without a hostile work environment or some unethical supervisor jeopardizing your career and financial well-being. I represent victims of retaliatory employment terminations, wage claims, and unemployment benefits.

Whether you are being unjustly denied unemployment benefits or find yourself terminated for engaging in protected activity, I can assist you determine whether you have the evidence to support a case worth pursuing.


Along with the bodily harm, the consequential losses of a severe injury resulting from another’s recklessness or negligence can deplete or wipe-out a person’s financial well-being and harm, if not end, their career. I help those seriously injured recover the needed compensation for their personal and pecuniary losses caused by the negligence of others.