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I represent a diverse cross-section of Western Washington. I’ve guided small business owners, single mothers, Spanish speakers, and many other vulnerable communities in cases involving negligence, injury, wrongful death, foreclosure, contracts, wrongful employment termination and more.

Serious accident injuries and costly commercial deception often present difficult legal problems. I am here to help people by sharing my experience, education, and insight to offer you the guidance you need.

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Arthur E. Ortiz, Founder 

Important Questions You May Have

Consumer Protection

I defaulted on my mortgage and cannot afford the house. Are there alternatives to foreclosure?

Yes, depending on the circumstances, alternatives to foreclosure may be available.

What do I do when a collection agency is demanding I pay money I do not owe?

Gather proof you don’t owe the debt. For example cancelled checks, debit/credit card records, receipts, anything showing you do not owe what is demanded.

How do I rescind my home purchase?

The Truth in Lending Act requires certain disclosures when closing a home purchase. How to rescind the purchase is one of those disclosures. If you have not received these disclosures, contact me for assistance.

A dealership sold me a car that is not roadworthy, what do I do?

Have the car inspected immediately by an independent mechanic who can ascertain (with specifics) the state of  the car.

I can’t refinance because someone recorded a lien against my property I didn’t know about.

Gather the records related to the lien and contact me. These situations require investigation.

My mortgage servicer stopped sending me monthly statements.

The Truth in Lending Act requires that servicers transmit periodic loan statements unless certain exceptions apply. This will need specific information to accurately assess, contact me.

Personal Injury

At the Accident
Should I call the police?

Yes, do not hesitate. They may:

  • Identify someone suffering a medical emergency you were not aware of
  • Redirect traffic for safety
  • Cite the driver at fault
  • Write a police report with content gathered from witnesses
  • Enforce DUI laws

After the Accident
Should I file a claim with my insurance?

If you have insurance file immediately. You’ve paid the premiums, it’s a contract. Know your policy.

When should I file a claim?

Some policies only allow you a year from the date of the accident. Policies may vary so find and read your policy.

What’s my claim worth?

This requires examination of the facts including the medical record. Contact me.

What will my insurance cover?

This depends on the insurance policy and how you agreed to be covered. Contact me.

Who are these people from insurance companies calling me?

They may be Adjusters who will adjust your claim to provide compensation and medical expense coverage based on the policy.

How long will this take?

How long a claim will take largely depends on the timing of your medical recovery.

How long do I have to sue who caused the accident?

In Washington it’s three years but you should contact a lawyer immediately to know whether your case may involve other important deadlines. For example, if your injury is work related, then you may only have a year to file a workers compensation claim.

Should I give a statement?

Yes, but preferably while represented by a lawyer.

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