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When you are injured in an accident, the goal is to obtain the best recovery the evidence makes possible. This is achieved either through a full insurance claim adjustment or effective litigation.

For 27 years I have gathered evidence for full and fair claim adjustments and presented the evidence to decision makers like insurance adjusters, courts, and state agencies.

I also have the experience to guide you through unexpected complications caused by unreasonable or unlawful denial or delay.

Some Specific Tips & Info

Know your deadlines.

Understand when your statute of limitations runs (how long you have to file a lawsuit), and know how long you have to file a claim with your insurance company. Deadlines vary depending on the injury and what is in your insurance policy.

This also goes for appeals of claim denials. For example, if the Dept. of Labor and Industries denies your work injury claim, you only have a short period of time to appeal.

Auto insurance policies also contain similar time limits to appeal or ask for reconsideration of a claim denial. You must read your policy and the denial letter to know what that time limit is.


Comply with all medical directives and instructions.

Missing appointments or otherwise not following through with medical treatment may cause your claim to close prematurely.


Washington law requires that any settlement is client approved. You will have the last word when settling your case.
  • Hastily settling your claim prior to medical resolution risks losing fair and full compensation.
  • Settling an injury claim is legally intensive and the unwary or unrepresented may unintentionally waive rights they may later need to rely on.
While you focus on your medical recovery, a legal professional can focus on obtaining support for your claim. For example:

  • Stored data, if any, from the vehicles involved in the accident must be retrieved before the vehicles are dispensed with.
  • Video data from the security cameras of surrounding properties must be retrieved prior to their owner erasing the video.
  • If the accident involved a trucking company, the trucking company must be put on notice that they are required to preserve records like federal and state required maintenance and drive-time logs.

An experienced injury lawyer can level the path ahead.

Case Experience

Successfully settled or won cases involving:
  • Residential Mortgage Foreclosure

  • Loan Acceleration

  • Washington Consumer Protection Act

  • Truth in Lending (from high-end mortgages to open-ended credit cards.)

  • Housing Discrimination

  • Credit Discrimination

  • Predatory Lending and Credit

  • Real Estate

  • Loan and Real Estate Brokers

  • Auto dealers

  • Contract Breach

  • Fraud

Representing clients before:
  • Washington State Superior Court
  • Washington State Appellate Court
  • US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Washington Department of Labor and Industries
  • Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals.
  • Formal mediation conferences
  • Judicial settlement conferences

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